Sometimes, students need to shed their clothes and just charge through the streets of Boston to release some tension and get ready for a new year at college. That’s exactly what coeds from Northeastern University did last Friday for their annual “Underwear Run” in the Hub.

“It’s that time of year again: the time to remind Boston that it’s a college city, the time to give our parents a glimpse of the reputable college they’re financing, and the time to blow off steam. So lets get crazy and make the night ours,”  event organizers wrote on the group’s Facebook page prior to the run.

This was the 7th annual “Underwear Run” organized by students from the school and was a chance to “get loose and act like kids again,” according to the group.

A video posted by Craig Rockoff on YouTube on October 29, said that more than 3,000 students took to the streets sans pants and streaked through parts of the city during the annual activity.

“The underwear run has become a staple event for the beginning of the year,” according to the group, and always falls on Parents Weekend.

Rockoff wrote that students gathered to “take over the streets of Boston wearing nothing but their underwear” while running along a three-mile track mapped out prior to the nearly-naked jog.

The event included a “surprise visit” to the Prudential Center Mall, with pantless participants crowding the building and taking the escalator.

In the video, police and security guards stand by to make sure all is safe as the scantily-clad Huskies strut their stuff in parts of Boston.

“It is very apparent that this event will continue to grow year after year,” Rockoff said about the event.

For more photos of students in their underwear, check out photos by local photographer Brian D’Amico.