Northeastern University’s Entrepreneurs Club was recently ranked sixth in the world of the 20 best entrepreneurship clubs by FledgeWing, an online network that provides aspiring student entrepreneurs with the tools they need to develop, build and launch new companies.  The Club is now striving to bring what they’ve learned over the years to a new set of innovators: high school students.

The Entrepreneurs Club is partnering with BUILD, a non-profit that aims to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success. Northeastern is the organization’s first university-based chapter, and the program will continue to run throughout the academic year.

Daniel Asulin and Kasra Farivari, students from the University, will be leading the program. Earlier in the year, after being introduced to a member of the BUILD team through a networking event their Entrepreneurs Club put on, they decided they needed to bring the non-profit to their campus.

“We are so passionate about entrepreneurship, so to be able to spread it to other students is incredibly powerful,” said Greg Skloot, the Club’s president. “It’s a great extension to what we’re already doing at Northeastern University.”

The Entrepreneurs Club is currently recruiting students to help run workshops, because there is no faculty involvement in the program. That lack of faculty involvement could be one of the partnership’s biggest strengths.

“We want to bring the students on campus and show them, ‘Hey, look at us. Look at what we do and we’re only four years older than you guys,’” Farivari said. “We can set attainable goals for them. We want to keep seeing how these students develop.”

Together, Farivari, Asulin and the rest of the Club involved with Northeastern’s BUILD program will begin setting up a series of workshops for the high school students that will teach them the basics of entrepreneurship. Their first workshop, planned to be held on October 27th, will focus on pitch etiquette, giving students the opportunity to learn how to properly sell their ideas and market themselves in the future.

The workshop will be held twice, once with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  who is hosting some of the Club’s events.

“We really want these students to get a feel of all the great universities that surround them,” Farivari said. “We really believe in the idea of students inspired by students.”

The Entrepreneurs Club now has the chance to inspire students from four different area high schools, showing them how powerful and valuable higher education can be in achieving their dreams.

“We’re not only moving our club to the forefront of entrepreneurship, but we’re doing something that will have an immediate affect on the Boston community,” Farivari said.

This program could encourage high school students to apply for colleges within the Boston community after they complete their schooling, which could then help keep fresh, young talent in the state.

“Everything is very exciting,” Asulin said. “I grew up not too far from Boston, in Stoughton, so it’s a nice thing to be able to give back to the community.”

Students outside Northeastern’s Entrepreneurs Club are invited to get involved with BUILD. Through mentorship and volunteer programs, all are welcome to serve the greater good and help get the area’s low-income high school students into college.

For those who’d like further information about how to participate, feel free to contact members of the organization :