Oath Craft CEO John Burns

Pizza is a particular taste, sure – your favorite slice might not even rank among my top five – but Boston Proper is now home to a new pie that’s sure to please even the pickiest of palates.

Nantucket’s Oath Craft Pizza will open to the public in its new South Station kiosk Nov. 9, but lucky lunch-goers got a sneak taste Thursday, as the company was dolling out free pizza for a long, and growing, line of expectant consumers.

I had the chance to try it in person with some fellow BostInno staffers, on an invite from Tim Morin of Breakaway. In addition to separating itself via super efficient electric-powered pizza ovens that cook a pizza in 90 seconds and a proprietary crust that’s akin to a buttery, savory fried dough, Oath is also unique in that it’s a pizza joint backed by venture dollars – it has an undisclosed amount of funding, including from Breakaway, which oversaw the entire branding effort, including the company name, names of the various menu items, the logo and store layouts.

Oath opened in Nantucket in May to much praise. And while that location is now closed for the season, it’s currently in the process of deciding where its marquee storefront will land. According to John Burns, the CIO of Breakaway and Oath’s acting CEO, they’re eyeing spots in either Chestnut Hill or Davis Square, hoping to set up shop as early as this March. No lease has been signed, but those appear to be the final two possibilities.

BostInno had the pleasure of trying the Spicy Mother Clucker – a crispy Sriracha chicken medley – and The David, which blends a balsamic glaze with mozzarella, ricotta, roasted portobello and sausage. Burns prefaced the latter with the fact that he doesn’t like mushrooms, but this one is his favorite. Not a mushroom guy myself, I easily could have polished off a whole pie. Which isn’t out of the question, seeing how a whole pizza will run you $11.

Good pizza is all around us, but truly different pizza is hard to come by. Oath Pizza is decidedly something different. Whether it’s your taste or not, it’s absolutely worth a try. And whatever location lands its flagship storefront will be lucky to have it.

Image via Alex E. Weaver