Little remains of Occupy Boston now but the memories.  Now that the city  has cleared the trash, power-washed the graffiti and re-sod the grass in Dewey Square, the former occupants are sharing stories and memories of their now historic movement with pride and a certain sadness.

We caught up with Sam Storm today, a 20-year-old amateur freelance photographer who spent a significant amount of time at Occupy Boston since it began in late September. He lives just north of Boston and frequented Dewey Square throughout the protest to take pictures and get to know the occupants and the workings of its temporary society.  He shared his photos with us, which show the operational  details of the camp – the  food, medicine, books (this is Boston, right?)  and of course the signs – that kept it safe, fed, clothed, sheltered and entertained.

“I’m kind of sad about it,” says Sam of  Saturday eviction. “I didn’t expect to be that sad about it…. It’s kind of depressing that it’s gone. It was a community there, and it’s back to being a park no one uses…It’s sad that the community isn’t there. I can’t just go to Occupy Boston anymore – I have to wait for a march or another meetup.”

However, like many of the protesters, Sam feels as though the encampment was just the beginning of the whole movement. “There’s extra motivation now that the camp’s gone to prove that we’re committed to this. Occupy Boston was more than the camp. Even with the winter coming, we’re going to see a lot more motivation and great things coming out of the movement. I’m optimistic.”

Here are some of Sam’s latest shots of Occupy Boston before it was raided. For more, check out his blog here.