While IT security company Rapid7’s offices are located on 100 Summer Street, you might think you’re still stuck in [a much classier version of] the Downtown Crossing T station when you step out of the elevator. 

Red-orange lines cross the entryway, each circle “stop” representing a milestone for Rapid7. (The founder did think up the name for the company while on the 7 line in New York City, I’m told.) 

Move into the company’s lobby, however, and you’re in Canada. Beyond the wood grain and flashy orange welcome desk, and behind a cushy sectional couch, stalks a big ol’ moose. While woodland creatures may come as a surprise in Boston, the company’s team is totally used to it, Or, rather, they identify with it. When Rapid7 sends out company-wide emails, the messages are addressed to “Moose,” because the animal’s plural form is the same as its singular, and that represents teamwork. Said moose was even sketched by one of Rapid7’s own employees.

To take the moose symbolism one step further, Rapid7 hands out stuffed animal moose to high-achieving employees as quarterly awards. But people don’t have to wait until the end of each quarter to receive positive feedback from their peers. Rapid7’s “Hall of Fame” system allows employees to congratulate and recognize their co-workers across all departments for doing something awesome, whenever they feel like it. The lucky recipient scores a shiny, new guitar pick (color-coded per team) as well as a note explaining his or her good deed.  

The rockstar theme also extends to the names of Rapid7’s conference rooms. Don’t be surprised if a meeting’s held with “Elvis” or “Madonna.” But Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls? Those bands are reserved, jokingly, for the office’s bathrooms.