These are good times for Catalant, the consultant marketplace provider that’s among the sponsor of the upcoming Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit. In June, the company not only closed a $41 million investment, but also moved to a new office in Fort Point.

The tech startup backed by Mark Cuban – home to 145 employees – has settled down in a 27,000 square-foot space in Thomson Place, not far from Crimson Hexagon’s headquarters.

The one-floor office is composed of two large spaces surrounded by 17 conference rooms. By entering the first room, visitors encounter the desks of the technology and product teams, followed by the finance and marketing team and the supply department.

In the first room, there are two special sections. First, a so-called wellness room, where employees can sit in the dark and take naps for up to 30 minutes. According to Alanna Meola, an executive assistant at Catalant, many employees use it regularly, especially among the new mothers.

There’s also a quiet zone called “The Library,” a 30-spot area where no phone calls or conversations are allowed.

A large cafe space with tables and a kitchen counter connects the first room with the second one. Employees usually sit in the cafeteria to have lunch or snacks (some of them, including almonds, wasabi peas and roasted and salted edamame, are included). Workers can store their lunch in one of the two fridges and use one of the four dishwashers to clean silverware. On Fridays, lunch is catered.

Leaving the cafeteria, visitors enter the second room, where the sales and marketing team work. On the entire floor, there are no private spaces or single offices, with the exception of the 17 meeting rooms that employees can book on Outlook. Rooms are named after a specific anecdote tied to the story of the company (examples are “Rent a Nerd” and “What’s Your Capacity”). “All-In,” the largest conference room where Catalant employees meet for large meeting or training sessions, is located near the entrance.

Here are the photos I took during my tour of Catalant.