If you haven’t heard of a Boston-based marketing tech company called Customer Portfolios, here are a few things you should know: it was founded in 2001, it has been completely bootstrapped and it has big-name clients like New Balance and the National Hockey League. Also, it was in the Seaport way before it was cool. 

The company, which helps consumer brands grow with its lifecyle marketing software-as-a-service, first moved into the Northern Avenue building of Harpoon Brewery, another client, back in 2004, after CEO and founder Augie MacCurrach told Harpoon President Charlie Storey in a meeting he was looking for a new space. The company ended up staying there until 2010, when Harpoon asked the company to leave to make room for its expanded Beer Hall that officially opened in 2013. 

“So basically the Beer Hall is our old office,” MacCurrach says.

Which is what led Customer Portfolios to its current space at 88 Black Falcon Avenue, a long corporate building that overlooks Boston Harbor on both sides. While most of the interior appears to be dressed in shades of gray, that pattern changes immediately when you enter the company’s office, which is decked out in a loud blue-and-orange color scheme that has made it an attraction as a result.

“So when we did the build out here and started painting the walls, we became part of the real estate tour,” MacCurrach says, “so now the property managers — they bring prosepective renters all the time.”

With the colors of the company’s blue-and-orange office colors, it’s no coincidence that the more creative side of the company’s leadership is Chief Marketing Officer Nick Godfrey, who was previously senior vice president for Harpoon and designed the original Harpoon IPA logo with its blue-and-organge color scheme.

“There’s a lot of commonality with the IPA logo,” Godfrey says.

Customer Portfolios’ artistic side goes beyond just that. Hanging on the walls is artwork created by the company’s employees.

Another unique feature are two custom-made bicycles with the company’s colors that also hang on a wall, in the office’s kitchen area. With large baskets on each bike, Godfrey and MacCurrach say employees sometimes use the bikes to ride out for lunch at South Station or to grab some beer at Harpoon, their old spot.

“I’ve brought back three cases of cans, which is a little tricky,” Godfrey says.

While Customer Portfolios’ main part of the office overlooks the view of Boston Harbor with Logan Airport in the background, it also has an office on the other side of the hallway that’s currently more of a meeting area.

There’s even two meeting rooms, one next to the other, that have the words “Left Brain” and “Right Brain” on the doors, respectively — which MacCurrach and Godfrey say represent their respective strengths.

“I would put [MacCurrach] in the camp of the left brain: being data, analysis and such,” Godfrey says, “where I’m more right brain: strategic, tactical and creative.”