Located on the third floor of 500 Harrison Avenue, the office of Promoboxx is basically at the core of the SoWa open market for art. The digital marketing platform, which last year raised a $8.2 million Series A round led by Ascent Venture Partners and Grotech Ventures, shares a space with online furniture retailer Blueport.

Promoboxx has a little over 50 employees (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

The Promoboxx side of the office is composed of two large open spaces and several conferences rooms, which are all named by a variation of the word “boxx.” So employees can have their meetings in Boomboox, in Catboxx, Napboxx, Lunchboxx or Iceboxx. “The Iceboxx room, everyone says it’s freezing,” Isolde Decker-Lucke, marketing associate at Promoboxx, told me during a tour of the office.

Peeking inside “Officeboxx,” a conference room near the entrance. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

In the first room, there are five shared desks that employees call “islands.” The closer to the entrance is the “Sales” island; then there’s a “Half sales/half marketing” island and the “Branding and onboarding” island. In the back, there are the “Brand” and “Retail” islands.

The marketing, sales, branding and retail team of Promoboxx work in a shared space. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

On the opposite side of the entrance hall is the snack bar. On a close wall, there’s a sign of Promoboxx CEO and co-founder Ben Carcio’s family package store, Cold River Package. As Carcio explained on the company’s website, his parents decided to buy a shuttered retailer shop in town. “With no experience in retail, they turned to the brands they’d be selling for help, and the brand response was incredible,” Carcio wrote. The story served as an inspiration for the company’s philosophy, and the sign is at the office as a reminder.

Cold River Package was the family business of Ben Carcio, CEO and co-founder of Promoboxx. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

As we wrote last year, Promoboxx provides a software-as-a-service marketing platform that helps manufacturers provide retailers, more specifically brick and mortars, with up-to-date marketing material to drive revenue. The company is a 2011 Techstars Boston alum.

The snack bar is refilled every other week. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

Engineers and product specialists sit and meet in the second room, which is also where the kitchen is. On the floor, there is a giant chessboard that employees use during happy hours. On the side, there are stairs that lead to a smaller room with table football and a hammock. In the office, there’s also a room with a table tennis table and a board to keep the score.

Penny, the dog of Promoboxx employee Joe Bracken, isusually around. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

On the fridge, there’s a list where employees can declare what a kind of coffee or milk they would like.

Inside the fridge of Promoboxx, there’s always Castle Island beer. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)

The entire office is definitely dog-friendly. Employees are encouraged to bring their dogs at work. When I visited the office, three furry friends – all very respectful – were around.

There’s no shortage of pet supplies at Promoboxx. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)
Promoboxx employee Chelsea Vautrin checks on her dog Daski. (Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno)