Now if there’s one thing that startup founders in every corner of the globe love, it’s superheroes.

At the Boston office of Avecto, an endpoint security company headquartered in the United Kingdom, superheroes are in charge of watching the ping pong table on the right side of the kitchen, where employees spend part of their free time in endless competitions.

Someone may object that the almost 10,000-square-feet-large Boston location of Avecto, home to 63 employees since 2015, hardly resembles the typical money-wise startup office. But it’s worth remembering that the company’s last round of funding was a $49 million Series A in 2015, so the definition of early-stage venture still applies to Avecto.

Before moving to Assembly Row, the company was based in Cambridge and before then in Andover, Mass. “In Andover, we struggled to convince the talent we want to commute,” Matt Knutsen, vice president and general manager of Americas, said in an interview, adding that most of Avecto’s staff live in South Boston. “Since we moved, the area has grown up around us.”

Assembly Row is well-known for its number of gyms, restaurants and leisure activities. Since work is expected to be completed by 3:30 p.m. Friday, many employees hit their surroundings or stay at the office for a game of ping pong or foosball, according to Knutsen.

The office space is composed of two main areas. The first is a common space that includes the kitchen and a gaming area, the second is the office itself. The office space is open space, with a circular setting: all desks are organized around a cluster of four conference rooms.

Here are the photos that I took during my tour of Avecto: