When you think of digital media firms, you might think of a space with a modern vibe featuring state-of-the-art tech that’s an open concept and features some pretty cool amenities – like a Nespresso machine. If this is what you think, cue Boston-based digital media firm, Gupta Media, who just recently moved to a bigger space in the Back Bay area.

The firm currently has 52 employees in an approximately 10,400 square foot space – designed by IA Interior Architects – on the 7th floor of 200 Berkeley Street. With more space, the firm now has “a lot of room to grow,” creative project manager Samantha Ward said in an interview.

The space has eight conference rooms named after the different neighborhoods of Boston (such as the Fenway room, Back Bay and Copley), a main office space with three offices and a small studio office that houses video equipment for live or graphic video purposes. There’s never a shortage of meeting spaces in the office, according to Ward.

Below are photos provided by Gupta Media for this Office Envy.

The move took place this past October 2nd from their former office located just a short walk away on 420 Boylston St. Since the move, Ward said that there have been more instances of interaction between employees thanks to a space that encourages social interactions. “People are hanging out more… The space is designed so that people leave their desk and come out to relax and have coffees together.”

Jason Carrasco, vice president of digital media, also believes the new space facilitates more social interactions. “It lends itself to more non-work social interactions… Now [in the kitchen] when it’s crowded people are happy,” creating the idea of a social gathering rather than people crowding to get something to eat. Carrasco also mentioned how the new space creates a dynamic where people who want to hang out and relax have a space to do so, so as to not distract other employees that might be working.

The firm currently holds achievements like being one of the 16 companies to be named a Twitter Official Partner, and is the only agency on the list, becoming media advisors to entertainment companies such as Universal Music, Sony and having clients like Amazon music and the Cleveland Cavaliers.