There’s a new co-working space in town — apart from the fact that it’s not, technically, a co-working space.

Hall, which opened in Back Bay last fall, is what founder and CEO Albert Nichols defines as “a lifestyle space.” Located on the fourth floor of 44 Gloucester Street, the first location of the soon-to-be chain, Hall is meant to be a mix of a social and working space.

The 2,400-square-foot place offers the traditional amenities of co-working spaces, such as large tables, a quiet area to focus, a common area and free coffee and beverages for members.

The interior design is more similar to that of a private house. The space is decorated with standing lamps, pillows and armchairs that encourage members to curl up with a book. In addition to the homey touch of its furniture, what distinguishes Hall from Workbar or WeWork is that it offers members dinner five times a week, thanks to an internal kitchen. (On the day of the interview, the menu included chicken dumplings or black pepper tofu with spicy green beens over rice).

Nichols explained that the logic behind a place like Hall is gathering all the things a member of a local community needs in the same place. At Hall, people can work, eat, socialize or have a cup of coffee with friends. Instead of heading to Starbucks to meet with a friend and then look for another place to go to dinner, Hall members only need to pay a weekly fee (ranging from $39 to $69, depending on the dinner plans) to have access to what Nichols calls “a home base.”

“It’s a place where people looking to simplify their week can feel at home.”

“It’s a place where people looking to simplify their week can feel at home,” Nichols said.

Nichols added that Hall currently has around 100 members, whose age range is from 21 years old to the lower forties. In the next year, Nichols said he would like to open other Hall locations in Boston’s Central Square to start with, and then in new cities like New York and San Francisco.

Here are the photos I took during my tour of Hall: