If you ever received a business card and thought, “damn, this is one snazzy business card,” there’s a good chance it was made by MOO, a London-based company that has been backed by Cambridge-based venture capital firm Accomplice.

While London may be MOO’s headquarters, the company has an office in Boston, one of two locations in New England. As one might expect from an on-demand printing company that’s all about design and typography, the office space in Chinatown should please just about anyone who appreciates its font-heavy products.

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MOO’s Boston office has 30 employees and is home to the company’s U.S. creative team, business insights team, members of its HR and IT teams, as well as Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Shore (pictured), who was promoted to the role last summer. The company has 400 employees total.

The office, which is split between two 4,000-square-foot spaces, has a number of stylish fonts adorning its walls, with some of the fonts serving as the names of conference rooms and breakout rooms. If, for instance, you fancy the “Obsidian” font, there’s a meeting room on the second floor just for you.

In addition to the fonts, MOO’s Boston office shows design variety in other ways, such as the 42 different kinds of light fixtures that hang throughout. The office also boasts seven different chair designs. 

With MOO’s building having been built in the 1880’s, the office has an older, vintage feel, with original hardwood floors and large, heavy doors that are accentuated by a flood of natural light.

Similar to many companies that have a startup ethos, MOO’s Boston office has an “open concept plus” design philosophy, combining open desk areas, with plenty of meeting rooms and other kinds of collaborative spaces.

Employee perks include free Friday lunches, happy hours, MOO U training and “a lot of cake,” in addition to more traditional offerings like paid time off.