One of the unique features of Workbar Back Bay – the 8th space in Massachusetts opened by local chain Workbar in January – is its smart use of natural light.

Photo by Lucia Maffei / BostInno.

Located on the 6th floor of 399 Boylston street, the just-launched coworking space has a special lighting system that changes color and temperature as the day progresses and the light outside changes. The output is that the light inside Workbar Back Bay mimics what is going on outside, which should enhance the members’ wellbeing.

The area is composed of four “neighborhoods,” each one with special norms and furniture. In the “Cafe'” zone, tenants can meet, chat, listen to music and have a cup of coffee, which is included in their membership. “It’s similar to Starbucks, but with no doors opening and closing,” said Sarah Travers, head of business development at Workbar.

Called “Commons,” the second neighborhood is a collaborative area where teams can choose from three large tables and three booths to have their meetings. For a more informal setting, they can also access the “Be Well” area, a collaborative space with six plugs for laptops and phones.

Members who need a space to have calls should head to the “Switchboard” area, which will be occupied by companies in the Techstars Autonomous Tech program until the end of April. People looking for a space to focus should go to the “Study” neighborhood, which has the atmosphere of a quiet library.

Here are some photos I took during my tour of Workbar Back Bay: