Salsify: It sounds like just another venture that’s jumped on the startup “-ify” bandwagon, right? Wrong. The Boston-based company, which offers a product content management solution for brands and retailers, is actually named after the Salsify plant, one known for its purple flowers and edible roots. And, in case you forget, its newest office in Government Center is adorned with little reminders – from their flora-name conference rooms to their abundance of live succulents. 

We haven’t caught a glimpse at any of Salsify’s previous spaces. So when we heard the company moved into its fourth office in four years, we knew it was high time we checked it out.

The new digs did not disappoint: The entryway was decorated with signage a local artist made out of thread; its snackwall was overflowing; it had pumpkins and gourds galore in honor of the season; and it even boasted a throwback Nintendo.  

Salsify’s recent move was spurred on by yet another growth spurt. “We’re 119 today, and growing,” Allison Churilla, director of talent at Salsify, told us. “From 2015 to 2016, so far we’ve had 63 percent people growth.”

After bouncing around the past several years, Salsify is prepared to set roots in its latest space. This time around, the company has given itself more wiggle room to accommodate its climbing headcount.  


So we don’t have to move in another year, we have room to grow.

“So we don’t have to move in another year, we have room to grow, but not at the risk of our collaboration spaces,” Peter Crosby, head of marketing communications, said. “”We definitely have room to get to the high 200s here, which is really great for us because it appears we had poor space planning in the past.” 

The company has embraced the open office concept by which many startups swear. However, Salsify has intentionally carved out areas where employees can get head-down in work on their own. 

“Open office is fantastic for collaboration, and everyone is able to share information.,” Crosby said. “But we’ve created a lot of spaced where individuals or a couple of people can have quiet, creative time outside of the open office structure. It’s really helpful for the thought process, and people across the company use those areas.”

From a cultural programming standpoint, Salsify employees enjoy a catered lunch every Friday, as well as “Bagel Wednesdays.” Once a month, the company holds a Thursday social event, for which different departments take turns planning. 

To christen the new office, its first Thursday event was the Salsify Olympics, which included steeplechasing competitions and tricycle races around the entire space. Crosby and Churilla said one IKEA table was hurt in the making of the Salsify Olympics. 

“We’re proud to be here in Boston,” Churilla said, mentioning their recent initiative with Boston Public Schools to bring middle school students into the space. “We will be using our new space to host meetups and bring the community into our office for networking and exposing them to our brand.”