If you ever walked into the 21st floor of the John Hancock Building, you know you’ll find Cybereason, the cybersecurity startup with 110 employees that we recently featured in this column. But if you turn on the other side, you can’t miss the entrance of ObserveIT, an Israeli-based insider threat management firm that moved its U.S. headquarters from New York City to Boston in early 2014.

At that time, the cybersecurity firm was based at 177 Huntington. Just over a year ago, the company packed again and became Cybereason’s neighbor at 200 Clarendon Street. As ObserveIT CEO Michael McKee said in a short interview, the 21st floor of the building “is high enough to have a great view and low enough to see what’s happening.”

The new space, which is 9,800 square feet, is currently home to 40 employees “and growing,” as VP of marketing Erica Sheehan said, pointing out that the company has several openings in sales, marketing and strategy. The sense that the office could easily accommodate more employees is enhanced by several empty desks on the left side of the space.

If visitors turn right after entering, they’ll find a corridor with the six conference rooms of the company, all named after Boston neighborhoods. The main one is Charles River, where McKee takes investors’ calls and meets with the executives.

On the left side of the office, there’s an open space where all different departments work side by side. The first one is customer success, right near McKee’s desk, followed by professional services, HR, finance and product, marketing, operations and engineering. People working in sales are the closest ones to the gaming room, where’s there’s a pool table and a video game station.

Here are some photos I took during my tour of ObserveIT: