On a 90-degree, hot and humid day in the city, Bostonians were granted some brief relief from the heat. Uber, the private car service,  allowed smartphone users to summon an ice cream truck to their location in the city via the app. From 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, when called, an Uber Ice Cream Truck arrived at various offices around the city, giving employees cool treats when called. For $12, Uber served enough ice cream to feed a group of five people, with the option to purchase more.

For those who were able to summon the ice cream trucks, it was a glorious afternoon filled with sugar, sunshine and free Uber swag. Happy employees tweeted and Instagrammed photos of their Uber ice cream for all of the internet to see, some of which we’ve uploaded into a slideshow below.

However, others (like BostInno) had trouble even summoning the trucks, due to the high volume of requests. And of course, disgruntled customers were quick to tweet about it. We’ve collected a few samples of the tweets — both positive and negative — in a Storify below.

Hopefully, Uber runs this promotion again soon, because BostInno is really looking to get in on that ice cream.