Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) has just announced that is has acquired Cambridge based Ksplice Inc. Ksplice was the winner of $100k in the 2010 MassChallenge competition and has not raised any additional capital.Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Ksplice has pioneered a product that removes the necessity to reboot after a systems update. Just think of how much time is wasted rebooting and how annoying it is to you personally. Now imagine having to constantly reboot a server at a web hosting company while trying not to bring down any client’s websites. Ksplice is attempting to make rebooting a thing of the past, allowing companies to reduce downtime and maximize efficiency while remaining up to date and secure.

“System administrators are forced to choose between known best practices and added operational costs when administering Linux updates,” said Jeff Arnold, CEO, Ksplice Inc. “Ksplice’s technology will be able to take Oracle’s kernel updates and transform them into zero downtime updates that provide always-accessible systems with no reboot necessary. This results in improved system availability and security as well as reduced operational costs for the customer.”

The addition of Ksplice’s technology will increase the security, reliability and availability of Oracle Linux by enabling customers to apply security updates, diagnostics patches and critical bug fixes without rebooting.