The MBTA ditched its Night Owl service years ago, but they might have to consider bringing it back after what they discovered along the Green Line tracks in Newton.

“Hoot” the Owl, an injured bird of prey that was found by T workers early Wednesday morning, was being called the MBTA’s “newest animal friend.”

MBTA Green Line staff found the bird near the T’s Waban station at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday.  According to a T spokesman, Green Line staff members “heroically sprung into action” to rescue the owl and promptly named him “Hoot.”

The MBTA’s General Manager Tweeted about the animal rescue, and attached the photo of the bird.

The owl is about 16-inches tall and was “very receptive to our pickup,” according to MBTA Spokesman Joshua Robin.

“It appears the Owl was injured and unable to fly,” he said. “He was on the tracks. It appears the owl had fallen.”

MBTA staff worked to transport “Hoot” to the Danvers Animal Hospital to get checked out for injuries, but it later died.

Finding an animal in, or around, an MBTA station isn’t something new for workers, however. Earlier this month, another Owl made an appearance at Park Street and sat perched by the exit as customers waited for trains.

A few days before that, a turtle was found abandoned on a seat inside a Commuter Rail train, and was quickly dubbed “Train Turtle.”

And, of course, there is Stroller Cat.

Photo courtesy of @mbtagm