If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building or in student housing, you know that package delivery can be a nightmare. From lost packages to miscommunications between residents and building management, tracking an often overwhelming number of deliveries has been next to impossible.

Now, Package Concierge offers a feasible alternative. With its electronic locker system, the Medfield startup allows delivery services like UPS or FedEx to drop off packages to a locker, where residents can retrieve them with a pin after getting a notification.

Here’s how it works: The carriers log in to the kiosk using their login codes and deliver a package right into the system; when they close the door, the resident receives an email, a text, or a phone cal. This saves building management personnel from spending an endless amount of time managing packages.

“The staff doesn’t have to be logging the package, bringing it to a package room, marking it with a unit number, and then going back to find it later when the resident comes to get it,” Barry Hume, co-founder and president, told BostInno.

Since the automated process requires no building management staff, residents are able to access packages on their own time. (That means you can forget to pick up your package for weeks or months without worrying about it being misplaced–or worse, returned to sender.)

“The nice upside for the residents is that they no longer have to rush home to get to the property during normal business hours,” said Hume.

With 15 standard models and 12 standard colors, the lockers are designed to meet a space’s desired aesthetic. They are constructed from corrosion resistant steel, and the kiosk system is powered by a Windows 8 operating system. These security amenities are especially important for apartment buildings and college dorms located in urban areas.

“We have a unique locking mechanism that you can’t break into with a screwdriver…and our kiosk is world-class. We have a camera that takes a picture every single time the kiosk is used so we always know who’s accessing it,” Hume added.

On June 24, Package Concierge announced its service will soon allow apartment residents to send and return packages through the system. This is a significant benefit considering that about one-third of e-commerce purchases are returned. The newest feature comes as the company has reached 500,000 package transactions without a single service call or package lost.

“We’re going to be doing some dry-cleaning lockers in the fall and we’re also doing some oversized lockers … From there the software platform will continue to evolve,” said Hume. “We’re using it to allow property managers to communicate with residents. It has become more than just a package management system.”

Image via Package Concierge.