During a recent routine check at Boston’s Logan Airport, officials uncovered a rifle taped-up inside of a passenger’s luggage, which they later determined was stolen.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, while resolving an alarm on the suspect’s checked baggage, officers at Logan found a “fully disassembled” Winchester 30-30 rifle, conspicuously concealed within the lining of the bag, and taped to the bag’s straps.

The gun was separated into several pieces, as can be seen by the photo above, provided by TSA officials.

In a blog post put up by the TSA on Monday, workers said Massachusetts State Police responded to the scene when the rifle was discovered, and a quick check of the weapon’s serial number revealed the rifle did not belong to the passenger unlawfully lugging it around.

Police arrested the passenger, who was not named in the report on the TSA blog.

Workers from the TSA said it is permissible to travel with checked firearms in a passenger’s luggage, provided the gun owner is licensed to do so, and they adhere to a strict set of rules administered by transportation officials.

Those rules do not allow passengers to bring guns in carry-on luggage, and all checked weapons need to be safely secured in a specific carrying case.

BostInno reached out to State Police officials for more information about the passenger’s arrest, but an email request was not immediately answered.

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