Got the winter blues? After this week, we wouldn’t blame you. But the best way to fight them off is by keeping busy, and one local restaurant is launching a “Mondays at the Movies” series to help you do just that.

Sure, you could also go to the movies, but this way is just as fun. At Pastoral, they’ll be screening fan-favorite comedies and cult classics at the bar every Monday night, starting on January 12. The films will begin at 10 p.m., and will be hosted by Pastoral bar staff and movie buffs, Mike and Ted. They’ll serve homemade popcorn, other movie-themed snacks and drink specials during the films.

The series will kick off with a screening of “Better Off Dead,” a 1985 John Cusack comedy. Other upcoming movies are “The Avengers,” “This is the End,” “Animal House” and “The Hangover.” The bar staff will plan specialty snacks and drinks to coincide with each film.

There’s no cover charge for Mondays at the Movies, just pay as you eat and drink. Pastoral is located at 345 Congress Street in Fort Point.

Image via Shutterstock