Paul Pierce, or better yet @paulpierce34

Want to play Words with Friends with Paul Pierce?

Well, you can’t. Sorry. But Paul Pierce is apparently a pretty superfluous player himself (that may not make sense, but it would get me mad points, yo). The Truth himself, the future Hall of Fame forward of the Boston Celtics, is taking part in a celebrity round robin tournament with other word smiths to take a $500,000 prize to the charity of their choosing. Pierce will be competing with Eva Longoria, John Legend, Snoop Lion Doggy or whatever, Jonah Hill, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell and my own personal man crush, actor/stud muffin Edward Norton.

From ESPN:

Via email, Pierce told Playbook: “Yes, I love ‘Words With Friends,’ play it all the time and was excited for this challenge.” He also shared his other must-have apps: “NBA, ESPN, Nike+. Obviously ‘Words With Friends,’ but I just also got into ‘Scramble With Friends,’ too.”

“I heard Snoop likes to make up his own words, so we’ll see how I do against him. I also heard that Ed Norton was a Celtics fan growing up, so I definitely want to show him how it’s done.”

Paul Pierce: crushing the dreams of his own fans since 2012. But let’s be real for a second. There’s NO WAY Snoop Lion loses this competition, right? He’s a rapper. He’s slings words for a living. This is a man, who for more than 20 years, has over and over and over again found new ways to describe being high. You’d think after that much time, you’d have run out of things to say about it. NOPE.

Here’s Snoop with Wiz Khalifa (who is about the same age as Sir Calvin Broadus’ career itself) in “That Good”:

Concentrated, everyday I’m faded

Trees prepared and properly cultivated

Superfluous indeed.


The tournament will begin on Thursday and run through October 3.