Boston Trending Topics: #PAX and #PAXeast
RIGHT NOW: Twitter's Trending Topics in Boston

We already told you that PAX East was going to be a big deal this weekend with tens of thousands of gamers descending on the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The three-day video game festival hasn’t even kicked off yet and already the social media buzz is astounding.

Twitter is always a great indicator of buzz value because there are so many people on it and Twitter hashtags are so easy to search. The hashtags for PAX East are #paxeast and #PAX. Since January, Twitter has been making it possible to view trending topics for cities like Boston. According to Twitter’s Boston Trending Topics, those two tags are the most and second-most common words being tweeted out of Boston right now, respectively. Look for them to remain atop the list all weekend.

Another social media game that’s showing PAX East’s buzz value is Gowalla, a location-based game often compared to Foursquare.

Gowalla has some different features, however, including the ability to find and leave virtual goods at locations you check in at. Another difference is that Gowalla notifies users about “Hot Spots” in their area. Admittedly, I’m not a Gowalla power user, but PAX East’s host location, Hynes Convention Center, is the first Hot Spot I’ve noticed since I began using the product daily about a month ago.

Look for more of these indicators over the coming days as more people descend on PAX East. Meanwhile, look for BostInnovation to be tweeting about cool stuff we find at the event this afternoon. Doors open at 2:00pm (EST).