Alright, arbitrary ranking time! Brace yourselves, because this one is a doozy. According to a new report from Walk Score, Boston boasts the third best public transit system in the nation. Yes, that’s right, folks. The glorious MBTA was actually acknowledged for doing something right.

Walk Score is a website that rates the walkability of a city, in order to help apartment hunters and home buyers better scope out neighborhoods. As Walk Score CEO Josh Herst tells Forbes:

“Walk Score measures how walkable a location is. Specifically how close a location is to grocery stores, schools, parks, etc. But what it’s really about is helping people find places to live that are close to the restaurants, activities and people they love most so they can spend more time doing the things they enjoy and less time in their cars and less money on gas.”

Now, doesn’t that sound pleasant? Yeah, until you step on that Orange Line during your morning commute, and it smells like a mix of vodka, vomit, cheese and poop. Then on the way home, your bus breaks down, forcing you to walk a mile to complete your journey. Oh, and it’ll be just dandy when that commute ends up costing you a hefty $70 per month. Third best public transit system in the country? Yeah, right.

Here are the top 10 public transit cities, according to Walk Score. Can Boston be number one next year? Ha, just kidding. On the bright side, at least we’re not Raleigh, North Carolina, which came in 25th out of 25 cities. I can’t even imagine the horrors of their system.

(1) New York (Transit Score: 81)
(2) San Francisco (Transit Score: 80)
(3) Boston (Transit Score: 74)
(4) Washington, DC (Transit Score: 69)
(5) Philadelphia (Transit Score: 68)
(6) Chicago (Transit Score: 65)
(7) Seattle (Transit Score: 59)
(8) Miami (Transit Score: 57)
(9) Baltimore (Transit Score: 57)
(10) Portland (Transit Score: 50)