Update: Winter Storm Nemo arrived in full force, unleashing more than two feet of snow on Boston and counting. Below you’ll find photos from last night before the storm hit all the way to mid-morning Saturday, when Boston awoke to its cars and driveways positively buried in the white stuff. Enjoy!

Whether Boston sees two inches or two feet, Winter Storm Nemo has begun in earnest, unleashing a persistent blanket of snow that could amount to historic proportions when all is said and done. It’s a storm that could be of a magnitude and ferocity of the likes New England hasn’t seen for a long time. There are sure to be hundreds of great pictures resulting from Snow Storm Nemo descending upon us.

Here are some pictures from Nemo’s touchdown in Boston to-date. I’ll be sure to update this slideshow throughout the day as the snow accumulation mounts and more great images come in, so check back often!

If you’ve got Nemo pics of your own, post them to our Facebook page, tweet them @BostInno using the hashtag #BostInnoSnow or send them via email to info@bostinnovation.com. We’ll be sure to keep the slideshow updated as Nemo intensifies.

As the snow piles up and you’re forced to remain indoors, don’t let cabin fever get you down. For starters, you should ensure that you’re fridge, pantry and booze supply are all storm-ready. Not sure what to make should you lose power? No sweat, we’ve got an awesome guide for Nemo Noshing right here.

Once your belly is full, you might feel inclined to crack a brew or two. No harm in that. If you’d like to add some Nemo flair to your guzzling, check out our Nemo Drinking Game rules, including ways to keep yourself alcoholically entertained whether your eyes are glued to the news or to social media.

Whatever you do, above all remember to be safe out there. If you’re braving the snowy streets to find a local bar with a fireplace, say, keep your head on a swivel and your ears pricked for out of control cars. If you lose power, report it immediately–it’s the surest way to getting the lights back on as quickly as possible.

We will weather this storm together as we always do. Enjoy the snow, and send us your pictures!