With Boston buried in more than two feet of snow and the MBTA still temporarily closed, the city’s college students have had to get crafty in the wake of winter storm Nemo. Now, it’s a proven fact: when students have problems, they head to Instagram. And as the blizzard reared its historic head, the weekend was no different—just slightly more entertaining.

Students were sledding at Tufts, playing pickup football at Boston College and hosting supersize snowball fights at MIT. (Let’s just hope that scene ended differently than the one at Boston University.)

After gathering up the photos snapped of Greater Boston’s various colleges below, though, two deserved their own shout-out.

The first is for this image taken at Harvard, because the caption was priceless: “…One of the most prestigious schools they say. Some of the brightest minds in the country they say. #Harvard.”

Image via @trololombetta

Maybe grammar just isn’t Harvard’s thing?

The second shout-out is for this photo that was captured at Tufts:

Image via @ambroseki1

Admittedly because we just can’t resist the word “YOLO” here at BostInno.

Looking back on the past three days, several life lessons (YOLO included) came out of the storm. Now we know you can snowboard down Beacon Hill, make a meme out of anything and, yes, get in trouble for throwing the wintry wet stuff at police officers. Even greater, however—we’re certain that when all the above does happen, the city’s college students will be there, with Instagram already open, prepared to capture it all…and then run it through a sepia tone filter.

For a breathtaking look at Boston’s colleges buried beneath the blizzard, check out the slideshow below. And, since some of the students did brag, let us know: who really attends the prettiest college? 

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