Update Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 2:00pm: Pigalle Chef Marc Orfaly Apologizes For His Facebook Comments: “I Overreacted”

We’ve all taken to social media to complain about something at one point or another, and oftentimes, we don’t expect a response from the company we’re complaining about. However, a disappointed Pigalle customer was met with extremely harsh words from Pigalle’s chef after expressing her dissatisfaction with Pigalle’s Thanksgiving meal on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

On Tuesday evening, Sandy Tremblay posted a message on Pigalle’s Facebook page, saying that the pumpkin pie served on Thanksgiving tasted like vomit, and overall, her entire Thanksgiving was ruined because of her bad experience at Pigalle.

In response, someone who claimed to be Pigalle’s Chef Marc Orfaly went on a commenting spree on the Facebook page, telling Tremblay to “go f*ck herself,” adding that she must enjoy eating vomit if she knows what it tastes like. In the end, the person who claimed to be Orfaly told her to never come back to dine at Pigalle.

Here is a screenshot of the exchange:

Additionally, Pigalle Boston posted a Facebook status on Tuesday night, calling out people in general for being “uneducated, unintelligent, unpolished human beings.” The status also advises customers to alert members of the restaurant about their poor dining experience while still at the restaurant, rather than in public via social media channels.

Here is a screenshot of the status:

As of 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the comments from the person who claimed to be Orfaly on Tremblay’s post appear to have been deleted from the Pigalle Boston Facebook page. The above status posted by Pigalle Boston has been removed as well.

Then, around 10:35 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Tremblay’s original comment garnered even more responses, both from other customers, Pigalle Boston and Tremblay herself.

Tremblay calls Orflay a “pathetic little man” for deleting the original comments. Pigalle Boston shot back with a comment: “I find you as vomitus as your pallet.”

Here is the second exchange:

We have contacted both Pigalle Boston and Sandy Tremblay for statements on this exchange. Neither could be reached for comment at the time.

On Thanksgiving, Pigalle served a traditional turkey dinner, with additional entree options like prime rib, scallops, halibut and pumpkin tortellini. Along with the pumpkin pie, dessert choices were rounded out by a fallen chocolate cake, an apple and sugar pumpkin tart, and house-made pumpkin ice cream.

Below are some photos of Pigalle’s food, gathered from Yelp reviewers.