Photo via MSPCA

Two little Massachussets piggies are trying to go all the way home.

According to workers from the MSPCA, a pair of baby pot-bellied pigs that were found roaming the streets without a place to sleep are up for adoption.

“George” and “Harriet” were found wandering around Lowell on a freezing day in January, but now, after nursing them back to health, workers are trying to find them a new place to live.

The pair of four-month-old mini-pigs were brought to the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen two months ago. When they were discovered by an animal control officer the pigs were reportedly underweight, walking all alone in the city.

“The barn staff is hoping to find a permanent home with a large outdoor space and a sturdy shelter in which the pigs can stay safe from the elements,” according to officials from the MSPCA.

After being rescued, the pair of piglets were named after “MSPCA Figureheads,” George T. Angell and Harriet Nevins.

Officials from the animal hospital and farm said the duo had a “not so excellent adventure” prior to being scooped up and saved by Lowell’s animal control officer.

“Both George and Harriet were very thin and had patchy coats—making it difficult for them to stay warm in the freezing cold weather,” said Melissa Ghareeb, who heads the barn program where the pigs are staying until they are adopted.  “Despite their condition they were friendly and very attached to one another.”

George and Harriet’s availability for adoption comes on the heels of National Pig Day, an event held annually on March 1, officials said in a statement.

Interested adopters can email for more info.