Pingup, the consumer-to-business texting service, has just announced a $1 million seed financing round, led by Venture Capital firm, Avalon Ventures, whose portfolio includes gaming giant ZYNGA.

“Pingup is an exciting startup because they are advancing communication between people and businesses and are potentially disruptive to existing communication methods,” Brady Bohrmann, Managing Director at Avalon, says in a press release. “Pingup’s future plan for next-generation “e-service” integration has the potential to redraw the blueprint for commercial relationships between consumers and businesses ranging from the local pizza joint to Fortune 100 companies.”

“It was obvious very quickly that they got what we’re trying to do, and they’d certainly be a great fit for us,” CEO Mark Slater tells BostInno. “We’re very lucky to have them on board.”

With the seed round under their belt Slater says Pingup will focus on their Series A. “The Series A is being worked on right now, and there’s a lot of interest for it, so hopefully we’ll get it done very quickly.”

Pingup aims to help customers search for, discover and connect to local businesses via text, and it’s free for both parties. As a customer, you can text your pizza place to order a large cheese, text your dry cleaner to ask if your shirt was ready for pick-up, or text the bar to ask what their cover charge is tonight. For customers, that means absolutely no phone calls necessary.

For small businesses, Pingup can alleviate a lot of stress that comes with answering the same question via telephone over and over again. The obvious businesses to use Pingup would fall in the food and nightlife industry, but Pingup marketing director Dade Sokoloff told BostInno in a recent article: “Realitisically, any business is a legitimate use case.”