By now, I was hoping we’d all be over the frozen yogurt trend. But apparently we’re not, as evidenced by yet another fro-yo shop to pop up in Boston. Pinkberry is opening a new location on Hanover Street in the North End this week.

Cue the groans.

Don’t get me wrong: fro-yo is delicious, and I love it just as much as the next 13-year-old clamoring to Snapchat her tangy, strawberry topped dessert to her BFF.

But something is seriously wrong with a Pinkberry in the North End. Its bright pink and green storefront sticks out like a sore thumb on Hanover – both literally and figuratively.

The neighborhood may already overrun with gimmicky tourist traps, but at least those restaurants, cafes and bakeries have the sense to stay within the same color scheme, practically blending into one another. Perhaps its Pinkberry’s strategy to not blend in, in order to attract customers, but to me, it’s just mocking what the neighborhood has more or less become – an overrun tourist trap.

That being said, if chain fro-yo is up your alley, the new North End Pinkberry is giving out free treats on Thursday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and will open for business fully on Friday, August 2nd. Bring on the tourists.

Image via Patrick Maguire, Server Not Servant