Who knew that Bostonians were so talented? Local musicians, both big and small, novices and veterans, have taken to the streets for Boston’s own Play Me, I’m Yours street piano exhibit. In celebration of Celebrity Series of Boston’s 75th anniversary, 75 pianos have been scattered around public spaces in Boston, Brookline, Somerville and Cambridge for all to play and enjoy since Friday, September 27.

All 75 pianos were decorated by local artists specially for the festival, no two sporting the same design. After the festival concludes on October 14, the pianos will be donated to several Boston churches, schools and other facilities for further enjoyment.

Many have lent their creativity and their hands, drawing in child piano prodigies, Berklee College of Music students and retired musicians alike. Some have played a quick round of “Chopsticks” with friends, others have settled in and played contemporary hits or Beethoven’s most recognizable pieces, and some have started full-fledged jam sessions with crowds singing along to songs like “Sweet Caroline” and “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Reporter Carl Stevens of WBZ NewsRadio 1030 set out on the morning of October 2 aiming to play each of the 75 pianos in just one day. As of 3:15 p.m. this afternoon, Stevens has successfully visited 59 of the pianos throughout Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods, posing for a quick picture at each spot.

Below is just a sampling of Instagram videos showcasing some of the musical and artistic talent from all over of the city the festival has brought together and celebrated. You may recognize some of your favorite spots in Boston, as well as some of your favorite tunes (plus a few adorable mini-Bostonians trying their hand at piano).

Have you played one of the street pianos yet? If you still haven’t, or just want to be an audience member and listen in, you can find one in your area before the series ends.