It must be stressful rebuilding, growing and maintaing a public transportation system like the MBTA – in real life. One game, though, lets people take full control of a city’s public transportation system, without actually having to worry about what could happen should it fail miserably (which it will).

Computer game “Mini Metro” lets players design their own public transportation; as it grows, players can adjust it to meet the needs of the little digital characters it serves. Mini Metro might sound a lot like “Roller Coaster Tycoon,” but it’s not quite as advanced.

The Verge reports:

It’s not so much a subway simulator as a subway map simulator: drag your brightly colored lines around to connect an ever-growing series of neighborhoods and watch the tiny passengers come and go, slowly getting agitated as your public transit system grinds towards its inevitable collapse.

Players start the game with three unconnected stations. The objective: draw connecting routes and expand the system. Trains   travel as quick as possible throughout along the route, while passengers hop on-and-off. Players can’t stop the population from growing; it’s just a matter of time before your creation fails miserably. This, friends, is what one calls fun. (Download it)

A current alpha version of Mini Metro can be installed on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux systems. And a full version is expected out in mid-2014, according to Verge. iPad and Android tablet versions will also be released.


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