Dunkin’ Donuts and Rob Gronkowski are by no means strangers to one-another. Their partnership has a history of producing some great comedy material that’s been mutually beneficial for both Gronk and the New England donut juggernaut.

And now they’re at it again.

In a brand-new initiative, the two regional icons have gotten together to produce an online video game, called “Gronk Chomp”. In terms of graphics, it’s probably not going to be competing with anything EA Sports has crafted recently, though the fact that it’s free to play puts them several miles ahead of their expensive counterparts at Electronic Arts.

Still, the game has some addictive qualities to it, so beware. If you’re at work, maybe hold-off on the game (especially if you’re an aircraft controller, or something similar to that. And honestly, if you’re an aircraft controller and you were even considering playing, what’s wrong with you? In fact, stop reading websites at work altogether, there are planes out there.)

In any event, you have some incentive to play the game that certainly resembles Pac-Man. The top five scorers at the end of each day will receive $8.70 in gift cards to Dunkin’ (the 87 being an homage to Gronkowski’s jersey number), and everyone who plays will be entered into a massive draw to potentially be one of 87 individuals who get to eat breakfast with Gronk at Gillette Stadium at some point this November.

Gronkowski seems to be enjoying a resurgence in recent days. He was at practice in full-pads for the first time in the young 2013 season over the weekend, and now is returning to the forefront of Dunkin’s ad campaign. There is still no official word yet on when Gronk, who is still recovering from offseason surgeries, will be back on the field during actual games however.

So in the meantime, if you love Pac-Man knock-offs, and Dunkin’…and Gronk, then get “chomping.”


Image via gronkchomp.com