The “snow monster” plow driver, who was fired from his job last week after posting a video of himself laughing while piling mounds of white powder on top of cars and shoveled driveways, posted a new video over the weekend, apologizing for his Masshole-like behavior and admitting he should have “kept [his] mouth shut.”

In a nearly three-minute video called ‘The Snow Monster Speaks,” “Dogg,” a Lowell plow driver, said his wise-cracking comments should have stayed off the Internet.

Dogg, who has been clearing snow off the roads for the last 30 years, apologized to the City of Lowell for the video he posted to YouTube, which went viral last week and led to him being fired.

“Am I an idiot? Yes,” admits Dogg during his rant, which, like the original video, is still laced with profane language that lacks the letter “R” in some spots.

“Should I have been taking a video? No. But basically I was doing my job. But if you watch the video and turn down the sound, you will see that I was doing my job perfectly,” he said, while wearing a t-shirt that reads, “F*** You. I have Enough Friends.”

Dogg said no cars or personal property were hurt during his plowing in the storm.

“The only things that were hurt were people’s feelings, and maybe some sore backs from shoveling out. But that’s what happens in a storm,” said Dogg.

The original video of Dogg on his plow route in Lowell featured him laughing and cackling while he bragged about pushing waves of snow over parked cars and people’s shoveled-out driveways.

“You won’t see that f****** thing until spring,” Dogg said in the first clip, as he ruthlessly cruised down the street with the plow to the ground.

It was put on YouTube on February 9, after Nemo dropped nearly two-feet of snow on most of the Bay State, and soon after Dogg found himself doing radio appearances to talk about the video.

The video received mixed reactions on YouTube, which ranged from “must be awesome being a d****bag to people for enjoyment,” to praising Dogg for his epic commentary, thick Hub accent and F-bomb-dropping capabilities.

It later led to him being let go by his employer, following the radio interview on WZLX.

Dogg said in the latest video that, in his 30 years as a plow truck driver, he hasn’t had any problems. Commenters on YouTube said he should get his job back following the apology.

In the apology video, Dogg also said he understands why he was fired, but apologized to Lowell residents, and his former employer.

“So, sorry to anyone who was offended, sorry to anyone who has to dig out after a blizzard, but I was doing the right thing,” he said. “Still love you America. Peace.”

Below is the original video of Dogg that got him fired from his job as a contracted snow plow driver in Lowell.