Listen up, Boston. Tracking your calories burned and logging your workouts just got easier. Announced today, Polar — inventor of the first wireless heart rate monitoring system — has teamed up with the popular health and fitness app, MyFitnessPal, to create a unified platform for their users.

The free app allows participants to log meals and miles using an extensive online database. Through their partnership with Polar, MyFitnessPal will automatically sync users fitness information into their personal Exercise Diary improving accountability and allowing for more ease in tracking the progress of their workouts.

According to their release, “Tracking nutrition, daily activity and training will let the user know if they need to eat or exercise to reach their daily calorie budget. Anyone with a Polar Flow compatible device on their wrist can take advantage of this smart integration.”

Watches and wristbands that are compatible with MyFitnessPal include: the Polar Loop activity tracker, the Polar A300, M400 and V800.

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With MyFitnessPal currently providing health and fitness tracking to its 75 million users, it seems only fitting for this app to team up with a well-known wearable.

Get after it, Boston. Those calories aren’t going to burn themselves.


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