An internal issue with the State Police email system caused a social media frenzy on Thursday that led to false reports of a third dead body being found in the Charles River.

Around 9:23 a.m. on Thursday, State Police released an email that was a repeat of a message sent out on Monday when the remains of a missing man were discovered behind Boston University in the river.

The email was a mistake.

“At this time the Massachusetts State Police has experienced an internal issue with its email system. An older email, possibly stored in the system for delivery, was sent out as a new advisory. There was no new body found in the Charles River. We apologize as this appeared as a new advisory,” police said in a statement.

State Police Spokesman David Procopio said they are working to correct the mistake.

“The glitch falsely created the impression that a third body had been found in the Charles River this week. There was no discovery of another body today. We apologize for the error and are working with our Management Information Section to troubleshoot the problem,” he said.

BostInno emailed police, following the initial report on Thursday, to make sure that the update about a third body in the Charles River was accurate. The reporter that sent the email did not immediately hear back, however.

On Tuesday, the State Police Marine Unit removed a body from the Charles River and later identified the remains as that of missing Boston Architecture College student Jonathan Dailey.

Dailey had been missing for a week, and according to reports, was pulled from the water shackled in chains that were wrapped around a cinder block.

The circumstances surrounding Dailey’s death are still under investigation.

Just one day prior to Dailey’s body being pulled from the river, police recovered the body of an elderly man.

Both the elderly man and Dailey’s body were discovered floating near the Boston University bridge and sailboat house.

Two employees of the Boston University sailing pavilion spotted the body the elderly man’s body on Monday morning.

The body was found close to the shore where joggers and cyclists passed by. As the State Police Marine Unit removed the body from the river, kayakers were passing the scene of the incident.