President Obama spent his most formative years in the Greater Boston area as an aspiring Harvard Law student, in Cambridge. And aside from bringing his Choom Gang chops to The Hub, he also learned a thing or two about a thing or two. So it’s only natural that he’d descend upon Boston to meet with some local movers and shakers while raising funds to aid the Democratic National Committee.

According to the Associated Press via CBS Local, President Obama will be coming to Boston on March 5 after a roundtable discussion in Washington D.C., “for another round-table and a dinner.” The money generated from these events will go towards pulling the DNC out of debt, from when it spent vigorously to help Preident Obama get re-elected in 2012. As of February 1, the DNC is approximately $16 million in the red.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden will trek to Minneapolis to do his part while First Lady Michelle Obama will take to New York.

The last time President Obama graced Boston with his presence was back in October when he chose storied Faneuil Hall as the venue for a speech aimed at promoting the Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as Obamacare.

BostInno reached out directly to President Obama for a quote but have yet to receive a comment.