What’s the best part about Election Day? The freedom to choose your candidates? The ability to exercise your rights as an American citizen? The national displays of democracy in action? Nah, it’s definitely getting the “I Voted” sticker after filling out your ballot. Here are photos of 18 Bostonians who bared long lines to cast their votes and get that coveted sticker. More importantly, we proved that we know how to rock the vote and use Instagram. America is a wonderful place, and you should be proud, Boston.

As we reported earlier today, Bostonians waited in long lines this morning, making what could be a record voter turnout in Boston and Massachusetts as a whole this election year.

According to the State House News Service, 4,342,841 Massachusetts voters are registered and eligible to participate in the November 6th elections, and officials predicted that roughly 73-percent of voters would show up to the polls throughout the day. Compare that to the 2008 election, in which roughly 3.1 million people voted in Massachusetts, setting a record.

Long lines formed at polling places across the city, with some voters tweeting that they had to wait nearly triple the time they had to during the 2008 election.

Not only are people posting Instagram photos of their “I Voted” stickers, but plenty of voters are snapping shots of their ballots. However, in Massachusetts, it is illegal to take a photo of your marked ballot. We detailed the full issue in a story earlier today, but here is a snapshot from the law that bans it.

According to Massachusetts General Law:

Whoever… allows the marking of his ballot to be seen by any person for any purpose not authorized by law, or gives a false answer to or makes a false oath before a presiding officer, shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than six months or by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars.

Watch what you Instagram, people! Happy voting.