Since 1992, the Princeton Review has annually ranked “The Best 377 Colleges.” From the “Most Accessible Professors” and “LGBT-Friendly” schools all the way down to the schools with “Lots of Beer” and strained “Town-Gown Relations,” their rankings are designed to help students discover which school might be the best fit for them. So, pull out your notebooks and pens, my friends, because the 2013 rankings have just been released.

We’ve raked through the rankings and rounded up the good, the bad and the slightly hysterical of the Princeton Review’s highlights of Greater Boston’s colleges. Although we’re only going to give you some of the positive and humorous today — we’ll save the “negatives” for tomorrow — we have to say, we’re rather impressed with the city’s standing. Each of the lists highlighted the top 20 schools, and here are just a few standouts:

  • Best Professors: Wellesley College Ranks 3rd
  • Best College Library: Harvard Takes the Number One Spot
  • Best Career Services: Northeastern Snags the Number One Spot
  • Most LGBT-Friendly: Emerson College Ranks First
  • Olin College Receives the Highest Number of Positive Rankings

All that being said, Boston also received its own personal piece of love. Under “College City Gets High Marks,” Boston University came in fourth and Suffolk in 18th. We’ll call that one a win for the Hub.

But which school has the most beer, the students who study the hardest and the best college radio station? Here are the rest of the Princeton Review’s “good” rankings for Boston.