Photo by Galen Moore

If you were wealthy in Brazil in the 1830s, you might’ve had your cocktails poured over ice cut from a Massachusetts pond, thanks to a New England entrepreneur named Frederic Tudor. It probably felt like you were on top of the world. Now it’s 2015, and Boston is in the cold-stuff export business again–for different reasons.

Kyle Waring (courtesy photo).

A site called Shipsnowyo promises to ship you some of the 40 inches of snow that have already fallen. If that supply runs low, don’t fret. We’re in line for over a foot more, this weekend. So: “We ship snow from Boston, Mass.,” Shipsnowyo declares. “Historic snow,” for just $13.

Kyle Waring, a product manager at GSN Games, is behind the project. So you snowbirds down in Flordia, listen up: When you need to build a snowman or paste a hater with a snowball, you know who to call. Note: They do not ship to Northeast states. “We are in the business of expunging snow.”

From their website:

This is historic snow. Boston Snow.

In addition to the record snowfall on January 28th, our snow has been the presence of Legends!

Yes, of course I’m talking about the Patriots.

Straight from the Champions Den, Boston has elite snow according to a recent hydrology analysis conducted by Dr R.L. Blizzardio, a leading snowtologist.

Get your snow now, while supplies last!

Note: We will not ship snow to any states in the northeast! We’re in the business of expunging snow!

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