Something crazy happens to Facebook users the moment they hit their late 20’s. They just can’t stop getting married. You’ve probably witnessed it if you’re in that age bracket, your feed reduced to a stream of engagement rings and wedding photos. But computer scientist Stephen Wolfram has assembled the data to prove it. And it’s actually a pretty fascinating snapshot of how our relationship status evolves as we get older:

There it is. That precipitous drop is none of your friends being single anymore, in one graph. Here it is from one more angle, broken out by relationship status:

A caveat is in order here. Facebook data is not representative of, well, any population. The user base skews young and isn’t evenly distributed globally. You can get into way more data on that in the actual post. And then there’s the potential of bias in who actually posts their relationship status. It’s quite possible that those who follow the more typical path of getting married are more likely to include a status. Nonetheless, it’s fascinating to see this pattern visualized.

The full post is well worth a read, but I’ll share one more fascinating topic. Here’s what people post about on Facebook:

I could have predicted a couple of the gender imbalances, but not others. Would you have guessed that men post more often about politics? Now here’s how these topics break out by age: Want proof that getting older is kinda boring? Check out ‘Weather’ above.