UPDATE: Here is our recap on the PS4 announcement – Full PS4 Specs, Photos, Release Date & more.

Sony’s PS4 event kicks off tonight at 6pm EST, and you can live stream the event below. All reports suggest that the event will reveal some details around the new PlayStation, possibly a look at the controller and a release date for PS4. We’ve covered the rumors and leaks before – they’re all here – and we’ll be live blogging once things get under way.

Here’s the PS4 Live Stream via Sony

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

If you’re tuning in before things kick off, here’s all the background from our previous reporting…


Kotaku reported yesterday that the PS4 release date will be in November of 2013, in time for the holidays, which fits with others’ reporting.

The PS4, codenamed Orbis, will come with a new controller. However, according to Kotaku, it will not have a share button, as had been previously rumored. That idea, first reported by Edge and explained here, was that the controller would allow sharing of screenshots with the click of a button. Kotaku’s reporting suggests the controller won’t have a button dedicated to this.

The other big news is that the PS4 can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. You can chat with your PS4 friends and download games to the system directly from those devices. No word on whether we’ll hear the price. As an article in The Telegraph reported:

However, we shouldn’t expect too much detail. Sources suggest that this event will do little more than announce plans to make the PlayStation 4. The new controller will probably make an appearance and there’s a good chance that we will hear about some launch titles. We probably won’t see the console itself, though.

The final thing to keep an eye out for is how Sony talks about the future of the console in an era of mobile gaming. Is the PS4 just for hardcore gamers? A home entertainment device for everyone? That’ll be an interesting thing to listen for.

Finally: Check out some of the PS4 and Xbox 720 mocks. *Take these with a grain of salt. They’re artistic mock-ups.