Yesterday afternoon, PSY, the South Korean superstar behind the popular “Gangnam Style” music video craze, held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. The AMA is formatted as a live Q&A, in which Reddit users submitted questions on the thread, and PSY answered as many as he could on the AMA in a one-hour time frame.

Operating under the Reddit name PSY_oppa, the pop star fielded over 13,000 questions, with fans asking him literally anything, from who inspires him (Freddie Mercury) to what he eats for breakfast (Korean food) to why he was yelling at a lady’s behind in his music video (“because her ass was so mad“).

Perhaps most interesting, though, are the Boston-related questions on the AMA. You may not have known it, but PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, has Boston ties, having attended both Boston University and Berklee in the past. Being a prideful city, Redditors were quick to ask him about his time here in the Hub.

One user by the name of Boxer101 was curious as to what PSY loved and hated most about our fair city, asking the pop star, “What were the best and worst things about living in Boston as a student?”

PSY responded:

best thing – so many beautiful college girls worst thing – too much snow

Another user, Mattyi, asked PSY about his Berklee days:

I recently read you went to Berklee college of music up here in Boston. I’ve always had the impression that pop music isn’t typically what Berklee students are interested in producing. I imagine this might just be misconception that I have, however. Still, with this in mind:

  • How do you think Berklee prepared you for a career in K-Pop? What things that you learned translated well (or didn’t translate) to that style?
  • Were you interested in producing K-Pop style music while you were at Berklee, or did your interests change?

PSY was truthful in his answers:

  1. unfortunately i didn’t attend class that much. sorry!
  2. when i was in college i was young and stupid so i thought i cannot learn creative things from other people like professors. i taught myself. but nowadays sometimes i regret but things worked out ok.

They did indeed.

For the complete PSY AMA on Reddit, click here.