MassChallenge on Tuesday revealed the 31 startups that will participate in the inaugural PULSE@MassChallenge “digital health lab,” a new six-month accelerator in Boston that partners startups with various entities working in healthcare.

Unlike MassChallenge’s main accelerator program, which accepts 128 startups every year, startups can only get accepted through a match-making process that will pair them with one or more of the program’s 32 “champions,” which represent a wide range of organizations, institutions and corporations, including AARP, Boston Children’s Hospital, the City of Boston and Pfizer (see full list below).

“Honestly, we couldn’t ask for a more startup and ecosystem-friendly outcome.”

“Some startups got multiple champions. Some champions made multiple offers. Some champions teamed up with each other in making their offers. Honestly, we couldn’t ask for a more startup and ecosystem-friendly outcome,” Nick Dougherty, PULSE@MassChallenge’s program manager, told me in an email.

The goal of PULSE@MassChallenge, which is located in 8,000 square feet at Hatch Fenway, is to help these startups achieve certain milestones, whether it’s a pilot study, research, advisor, customer introductions or investment opportunities. In addition, more than $100,000 in zero-equity awards will be given out once the program concludes.

The 31 startups in the inaugural PULSE@MassChallenge cohort came from a pool of more than 430 applications, representing 30 states and 20 countries. Some of the accepted startups previously went through MassChallenge’s main program. That includes Cake, a Boston-based end-of-life planning service that has already worked with Liberty Mutual, another “champion” that is participating in PULSE@MassChallenge.

PULSE@MassChallenge was launched earlier this year as a strategic component of the statewide Digital Health Initiative. The program will be celebrating the new cohort at an event Tuesday night at Hatch Fenway starting at 6 p.m.

Here is the list of the 31 startups participating in the inaugural cohort:

3Derm System, Inc. – USA – Massachusetts – USA – Massachusetts

Cake – USA – Massachusetts

Care Thread, Inc. – USA – Rhode Island

ConquerX – USA – Texas

EDI Institute, Inc. – USA – Massachusetts

Emerald Innovations – USA – Massachusetts

Gain Life – USA – Massachusetts

HealthyMation – USA – Massachusetts

Herald Health – USA – Massachusetts

Hey, Charlie – USA – Massachusetts

Human Resolution Technologies -USA – Massachusetts

Insightfil – USA – Massachusetts

LifeGuard Games, Inc. – USA – Massachusetts

Medumo – USA – Massachusetts

Meetcaregivers – USA – Massachusetts

MobioSense – USA – Massachusetts

Neopenda – USA – Illinois

Neuroelectrics – USA – Massachusetts

QueueDr – USA – Connecticut

Redox – USA – Wisconsin

Remedy Labs, Inc. – USA – California

Rendever – USA – Massachusetts

Spring Care, Inc. – USA – New York

STA TECH – USA – Massachusetts

SyncThink – USA – Massachusetts

THINKMD – USA – Vermont

TORq Interface, LLC – USA – Massachusetts

Twiage – USA – Massachusetts

VIT – USA – Pennsylvania

VRPhysio – Israel – Tel Aviv | USA – Massachusetts