Wade Devers

Creatives affiliated with renowned agency Arnold Worldwide left The Ad Club’s Hatch Awards on Wednesday night with 75 sparkling new bowls to put on their shelves. Winning all 11 Gold and 26 of 27 Silver awards, Arnold secured its spot for the most awarded agency for its third consecutive year. From Insurance to Retail, the agency reeled in awards from its client work across industries, serving as a testament to its in-house innovation and originality.

The Boston-based agency also locked down the most desired accolade of the evening, Best of Show, for its work on Jack Daniel’s “Independence” campaign, which was executed under the visionary creative direction of Wade Devers. Devers, who won a Cannes Lion for the “Independence” campaign in June, was promoted in September to executive creative director and creative lead of Arnold’s Boston office.

BostInno asked Devers a handful of questions to tap into the brilliant brain behind the winning campaign.

BostInno: How long has Arnold worked with Jack Daniels for?

Wade Devers: Since 1985.

What general themes did your creative team draw on when designing the Jack Daniel’s campaigns?

The themes that run through all creative expressions on Jack Daniel’s are authenticity, craftsmanship and independence. These themes are born directly out of the product and history of America’s most iconic whiskey brand.

Of which winning Jack Daniel’s work are you most proud?

A parent can’t be forced to choose between his children.

What was running through your head when you won?

It was a great night for our whole creative department. Not only did we win big for Jack Daniel’s, but we won across several clients. Arnold is exceptionally fortunate to have a deep roster of creative talent. We have a legacy of creative excellence at Arnold, and to see that continue makes us very proud.

Describe Boston’s advertising community in three words:

Scrappy. Competitive. Burgeoning.

What’s the best part about working in Boston advertising?


Any final words on how awesome Arnold did last night at the Hatch Awards?

When you focus on the work, good things happen.