Londoners are about to see more magic than they did during last year’s Royal Wedding. Quidditch is coming to this summer’s Olympic Games. Alright, so maybe it’s not a part of the actual Olympic Games, but there will be an international tournament and two Boston college students are representing Team USA as first-string players.

Kedzie Chase Teller from Boston University and Allison Gillette from Emerson College were selected from more than 150 nominations “based on their skills on the pitch and ability to be a good ambassador for the sport and the United States,” according to the International Quidditch Association (IQA). Boston University’s Brendan Stack and Emerson’s Rebecca Der were also chosen as reserves for the U.S. team.

Yet, players need to be decked out in the proper gear, and Boston-based athletic apparel company Quiyk wouldn’t let Team USA travel across the Atlantic sans style. Already the official supplier of the IQA, Quiyk’s designed uniforms for our country’s 21-member team, which you can see below.

Other teams competing include France, the United Kingdom and Australia. We’ve got faith in our wizards, though. Bring us home the golden snitch!

Check out fun facts on Boston’s players, courtesy of the IQA, as well as Quiyk’s Team USA uniform below.