How can we follow up an op-ed post from last week that tried to tackle the subject “What is HubSpot?”, an inside look into one of the most popular new marketing companies in the Boston-area right now? With an announcement that they are using nearly 20,000 rainbow stickers and close to 3,000 stuffed unicorns to market their services. It got your attention didn’t it? Well, co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in addition to Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrealla and CMO Mike Volpe hope it will at the upcoming Dreamforce Conference.

If you can’t make it to the conference, you can at least download the free Marketing Fact vs. Fantasy eBook, helping folks debunk myths about email and mobile marketing, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

In addition to handing out stickers and stuffed animals, HubSpot has released a new iPad app specifically for the Dreamforce Conference that goes hand in hand with their Website Grader tool, which has already run reports for close to 4 million websites. Any attendee can meet with HubSpot consultants to run through a website evaluation during the conference. Who knows, if you do well enough, maybe you’ll walk away with a unicorn.

For your enjoyment we have included a little teaser you might find in the eBook about debunking marketing lure.