Emergency officials have rushed to to the scene of a deadly shooting in Blair County, PA. Officials in Altoona, Pennsylvania say that four people were killed, including the shooter, and three state police officers were injured in the deadly shooting. According to KDKA-TV, the state troopers are not in critical condition. One trooper’s bulletproof vest stopped a bullet that struck him in the chest. Another trooper was injured in a crash, and the third was injured by flying debris, likely to be shattered glass. The troopers shot and kill the suspect, who sources say was Jeffrey Lee Michael of Hollidaysburg, Pa.

According to sources speaking with local CBS news, “two troopers were fired at by the driver of a pickup truck on Juniata Valley Road and a third officer was injured in a head-on crash with the pickup.”

Michael then exited the truck and immediately shot at troopers. The troopers returned fire, killing Michael.

Officials on the scene say three men — including Michael — and one woman were killed. There is no word on the three people Michael allegedly killed before firing at the troopers, however.

Hollidaysburg Area School District schools, particularly Frankstown Elementary School, weren’t put in a lockdown mode because of the shooting.

The Altoona Mirror reports that “Superintendent Paul Gallagher said state police contacted the district about the incident but said there was no threat to students.”

As the shooting took place, the NRA held a press conference today to address many issues raised by the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School exactly one week ago.

Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA, led the press conference, making the first extensive public remarks on gun control since the shooting. In his speech, LaPierre lashed out at the media’s coverage of the NRA and gun control, and called for all schools in the country to have armed police officers in attendance to stop such violent events from occurring.

Head here for video of the NRA press conference on gun control and a transcript of LaPierre’s speech.