In case your adorable radar’s been on the fritz for the past few months, here’s what you missed: There’s a blind golden retriever named Ray Charles, who was quite possibly the most awesome dog on the planet when a Boston man adopted him as a puppy in December, and continues to live up to that reputation today.

The interwebs have been a flutter with Ray Charles just being awesome since he came into our lives, but since the Bruins are on top of everybody’s mind, I thought I’d offer a particularly poignant puppy pic for this week’s rendition of Caption Contest Friday.

So yeah, Ray Charles the blind badass of a golden retriever is a Bruins fan, in so far as his owner plopped a Bruins jersey on him, which could have been a used doormat for all he knew, but whatever. He’s rocking it like it fits.

I’m not sure how to tee this up better for you all. Could Ray Charles also be skating on four little doggy skates and showing the B’s a thing or two about closing out a series? Probably. But this will have to do.

The best caption for this photo, left in the comments section below, gets a $20 gift card to Anna’s Taqueria. Leave as many captions as you’d like. This little guy deserves it.

Last Week’s Caption Contest Friday Winner

Keeping with the Bruins theme, last week’s Caption Contest depicted captain Zdeno Chara in all his googly-eyed glory after their improbable victory in Game 7 to advance to the series against the New York Rangers. It’s terrifying and mesmerizing all at once, like he’s seducing you to hop on the crazy train with him and enjoy the ride.

This week sees the first repeat winner in Caption Contest Friday history. Andrew Moravick submitted this masterpiece like he didn’t even break a sweat:

Every skate you lace, every line you change, every single pass, best stay off the glass – I’ll be watching you …

Yeah, it wasn’t even close. Congrats, Andrew!