A petition, available here, has been launched to allow Ray Charles, the blind Golden Retriever puppy who has warmed the hearts of thousands in recent weeks, to participate in the ceremonial puck drop before a Bruins game.

UPDATE: As of 9 a.m. Wednesday, the petition has reached 2,391 signatures, well above its goal of 2,000. Your move, Bruins.

UPDATE (6/5): BostInno contacted Bruins Fan Relations and inquired if Ray Charles will drop the puck at the Garden tonight. A representative said they had received numerous emails in regards to the pup, but are unsure if he will do the honors as there may be “safety issues.”

An honor usually bestowed upon legends of either team, men and women of the armed forces and other public figures, the ceremonial puck would be dropped by the Boston native, recently named “the cutest dog on the Internet” and Modern Dog Magazine‘s dog of the week.

“An avid Boston Bruins fan, Ray would like to drop the puck at a Bruins home game and we need your help to make this happen, says the petition. “For all the joy he has brought us, it seems only fair that we take a few moments to sign his petition.”

The petition currently has 813 signatures, short of its goal of 2,000. Ray Charles’ Facebook page currently has 16,208 likes.

“Ray Charles may not have his sight, but we can still show him how much he means to all of us!” says the petition. “Help Ray Charles drop the puck at a Boston Bruins game and keep helping to enrich the wonderful dog’s life!”

Ray Charles was born last December without sight, but according to the petition, “it has not hindered his ability to have a full and complete life.”

At most, there will only be seven more home games for the Bruins, so act fast. Once the petition reaches 2,000 signatures, it will be up to the Bruins organization to decide. Perhaps Ray Charles will decide at the last minute to drop the puck in Pittsburgh instead, lured away by Ray Shero and a bag of Beggin’ Strips. Even still, denying an adorable blind puppy is something well within the realm of possibility for Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs.